Scotsman EH222 PRODIGY Plus® Eclipse® 1000 Series Cuber Ice Machine

up to 1030 lb.

22" W x 16.5" D x 29" H

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  • New energy efficient, one piece remote condenser design.
  • Equipped with Prodigy® self-monitoring technology AutoAlert™ indicator lights, patented WaterSense adaptive purge control as well as Prodigy’s superior cost-saving energy efficiency.
  • Eclipse® technology moves the compressor and condenser to the roof, moving noise and heat away from customers & workers, resulting in a quieter environment.
  • The small footprint and narrow profile offer the ability to place the ice machine where ice is needed, at the drive through window or in the dining room at a self-service beverage station.
  • Flexible design allows Eclipse® ice machines to be paired with a wide variety of dispensers or storage bins, supplying ice to any area of your operation.
  • Includes ultrasonic bin level control for optimized ice management.
  • Remote-cooled model is ENERGY STAR® qualified. Save annually as calculated via Food Service Technology Center (

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The world's smartest ice Machine

The small footprint and narrow profile of the Eclipse ice machines offer the ability to place the ice machine at the drive-through window, self-service beverage station or anywhere a high-capacity ice source is needed that won’t interfere with its surroundings